Setting Up an Employee Program

How you can a launch a Charityvest Giving Program to employees

Getting started with Charityvest is simple.

You can reach out to and set up an onboarding call.

We will follow these simple steps to launch your workplace giving program:

🆕 Step 1. Create your company giving account. Input your company legal name and set up your admin login credentials.

📋 Step 2. Establish your program parameters. Set your matching budget, your matching rate, and your optional matching policy statement.

✅ Step 3. Activate your subscription. Use a corporate credit card to sign up for monthly billing of the subscription. Cancel at any time.

💵 Step 4. Add your giving funding source. Link your company’s bank account. We’ll make an automatic monthly withdrawal to fulfill all matching requests. If you use manual verification, we’ll make two small deposits to verify the account.

🚀 Step 5. Launch your program to the team! Invite employees to the program. All you need is a personal note describing the program and email addresses. We’ll follow up automatically over time with any employees who don’t accept the invitation at launch.

Reach out to us, and we'll conduct an onboarding call with you to customize your onboarding to your context and strategize your launch.

Resources for Launching A Program With Charityvest

Read our guide on how to launch a successful workplace giving program below.

View our standard customer agreement below.

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