Other Ways to Donate

ACH, Check, Wire, and Company Matches

Are you a first-time visitor to Charityvest, planning to donate to a Community Fund?

To donate by DAF transfer, ACH, check, wire, or company match to a Community Fund, you must:

  1. Create a Charityvest account.

  2. Contribute to your Charityvest account via your preferred payment method.

  3. Grant your desired balance from your Charityvest account to the Community Fund you wish to support.

For more information, please contact us at support@charityvest.org or via our Intercom chat.

ACH, Check, and Wire

We're happy to accept cash via other modalities, such as ACH credits, wire transfers, and paper checks. We may deduct a $20 processing fee to identify, validate, and assign your gift to the correct DAF.

Sending an ACH or wire transfer

You simply need to send us a note to support@charityvest.org letting us know, and we'll send you wire instructions.

Sending a paper check

Please notify us at support@charityvest.org to let us know the check is on the way.

Please include the email address associated with your Charityvest account in the memo of the check. We will process the check and credit the amount to your Charityvest fund within 10 business days, once received.

Checks should be sent to:

Charityvest, Inc.
75 5th Street NW, Ste 2200
Atlanta, GA 30308

Company Matching Giving

If your company offers a charitable matching program, you are likely eligible to have your Charityvest giving matched by your employer.

Generally, companies either match your donation to Charityvest, or your grant from Charityvest once it is approved and sent - but not both.

If your company matches contributions to Charityvest, you will submit the paperwork required by your company to the matching program administrator or platform. If approved, your company / company's platform will send Charityvest the matching amount, generally within four to eight weeks. When we receive the matching amount, we will post it to your Charityvest account.

Note that some employers, such as Google and Amazon, require us to inform donors that their match may not be used for religious support purposes. If this applies to you, we will inform you when we assign the match to your account. If your employer matches grants out of your Charityvest account, you'll need to determine what information they need to substantiate your gift. Your employer will then send that match directly to the charity to whom you made a gift - Charityvest is not involved in that match.

Direct Deposit

Interestingly, charitable payroll deductions are still considered taxable income. To avoid confusion at tax time, we suggest collecting your paycheck in your normal direct deposit account, and then making regular / recurring contributions to your Charityvest fund in order to develop a charitable balance. Charityvest does not support direct deposit at this time.

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