Employee Matching

Launch a simple, affordable employee matching program that everyone will love with Charityvest.

Make employees the authors of your impact story through a modern charitable matching program. Charityvest is the simplest way to offer your employees engaging charitable giving benefits.

Charityvest for Workplaces offers your employees their own donor-advised fund, like a personal foundation. It helps them simplify their financial giving.

Charityvest also engages employees with giving stipends and/or automatic charitable matching, providing you with reporting and analytics on the activity.

Executive summary:

  • Give every employee a charitable giving fund programmatically.

  • Charitable matching that runs on autopilot as employees give.

  • Put charitable stipends in employee funds for various occasions (e.g., birthdays, performance awards, thank you gifts, etc.).

  • Monthly metrics/reporting for your internal culture-building and external brand-building.

Included features:



🤝Matching on autopilot

Fulfill unlimited matching gifts to over 1.7 million verified global charities, with zero paperwork, through one consolidated monthly payment.

📣Create campaigns for any cause

Select charities to fundraise for or allow us to suggest curated causes to drive giving with purpose.

😊Recognize others through charitable stipends

Issue stipends of charitable money to empower employees, customers, or ERGS to give your philanthropic dollars where they believe it will do the most good.

📊Track impact with monthly reporting

We’ll send you data on engagement, participation, donation totals, and top organizations. Use insights to reinforce your culture and brand.

🧾Automatic compliance and receipting

Our compliance technology eliminates the need to verify employee gifts or validate the charitable status of organizations.

✅Seamless matching fulfillment

Our system tracks match requests and automatically matches from your corporate account using one consolidated monthly payment.

🆓No fees on giving

Giving should be free. 100% of donations go to supported charities. Charityvest never takes a fee from gifts.

⚡️Launch in minutes, not months

Our platform allows companies to launch quickly. Add or remove participants, or modify your subscription, at any time.

🧠Tax-smart asset donations

Employees, and the company, can contribute publicly-traded stock, pre-IPO equity, and cryptocurrency to fund giving, enabling greater impact and enhancing tax advantages.


Employees can be auto-enrolled in your program through our domain-based sign-up process when they use their corporate email.

How a Matching Program with Charityvest Works

  1. Create your admin account and create your program. Customize your per-employee match, matching rate, and eligibility rules.

  2. Invite employees to join or set up auto-join features for approved corporate email addresses. Launch your program effortlessly with a single click.

  3. Employees give. Employees link their bank/credit card, give tax-deductibly into their giving fund, and then out to any of the 1.4 million U.S. charities. Each with a tap. They can set up monthly recurring transactions as well. Employee donations are automatically matched from the corporate giving fund.

  4. Company funds the matches. You'll create a corporate fund and pre-load some money in there (the company receives a tax deduction for all). When an employee sends a qualifying donation to charity, we'll automatically send a matching grant from your fund. You have the ability to deny any match with a tap.

  5. Track activity and manage the program. You have an easy admin portal to monitor giving activity, manage your matching program, and add/remove employees in the program. We send monthly reports via email on giving KPI activity that aggregates impact across all employees, even giving beyond matching.

How much does it cost? What are the terms?

Size (Employees)

Price per month


$99 + $1.49 per employee


$199 + $0.99 per employee


$449 + $0.49 per employee


$449 + $0.49 per active employee

  • We offer a 15% discount for annual pre-paid billing. We can true up at year-end for any differences based on changes in employee count.

  • No transaction fees, 100% of donations go to charities.

  • No implementation fees.

  • No contracts. Cancel anytime.

  • Also, consider your matching budget. Companies typically range from $100 per employee per year to $1000 per employee per year and can expect participation rates from 15-60% at any matching size. We see many companies start out smaller and increase their per-employee matching amount over time.

How is Charityvest different than other workplace giving software?

  • Giving funds. We give employees an "HSA for Charity" aka a donor-advised fund—it's a valuable financial tool beyond the matching alone. Many employees will choose to do all of their giving through their fund, even outside of the matching program. Other competitors focus only on the matching.

  • Lower cost. Other competitors charge 3-10% on every dollar donated. We charge 0%. We believe giving should be free. We also have no implementation fee. We are typically 50-80% lower cost (in total) than competitors.

  • Social giving. We enable users to send gifts of charitable dollars to friends (while still maintaining the tax deduction). Companies can also do this as rewards or recognition. You can send charitable money into the funds of employees for them to give away in their name.

  • Launch in minutes. Our ten-minute onboarding flow sets up your corporate fund, creates your matching program, sets up billing, and invites employees.


Can I control what organizations are matched? Yes.

Do you support volunteering? No, not at this time.

Do you support international grantmaking? No, not at this time. Why should I choose Charityvest? The admin simplicity and low cost of facilitating matching through us, and giving every employee their own personal giving account for their own impact.

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