Tips for finding a specific charity

Can't find the charity you're looking for? Here's a few tips!

What charities are included in the Charityvest database?

There are over 1.5M charities already included the Charityvest database.

We keep our database up to date with the list of eligible charities published monthly by the IRS.

If your charity is recognized as a 501c3 organization by the IRS, there's a good chance we already have them in our database.

If so - you're all set! There's nothing a charity needs to do in order to receive payments from us.

I can't find my place of worship.

Not to worry - we can help you give to your eligible place of worship through Charityvest!

Unfortunately, places of worship are not automatically included in the IRS's list of eligible organizations, so we will need to enroll your place of worship if they are not in our database already.

Please share this link to our enrollment form with your place of worship so that they can submit the required information to be added to our database.

We are typically able to enroll charities within 5 business days receiving the completed form.

My charity isn't coming up in the search results

  1. Searching by EIN is the most reliable way to locate your charity. Most organizations include their EIN via their website, or you may be able to find at Charity Navigator.

  2. If you're not able to locate the charity's EIN, search by the Organization's Name

    • If a charity has provided us with a more common name that they are known by, search results will match by that name

    • Otherwise, we match search results based on the charity's legal name on file with the IRS

We want to make it easy to find and give money to charity - please let us know if you have any feedback as we continue to improve our search experience!

Multiple charities appear in my search results - I'm not sure which is the right one

  1. You can further narrow down your search by using the State filter dropdown

  2. Use the address listed on the charity profile to verify the correct organization *Note that the address listed is the payment address we have on file for the organization (vs. a Headquarters location)

  3. If available, visit the URL listed in the charity profile to ensure you have the correct organization

Additional FAQs:

Q: Can I give to a specific fundraiser?

A: Yes - visit the Grant to Charity section to learn how to specify the purpose of a grant.

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