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The Vennfi Relationship

A description of the relationship between Vennfi, Inc. and Charityvest, Inc.
The Charityvest venture is powered by an innovative social enterprise partnership.
"Vennfi" is a modern venture-backed software and financial technology company, creating innovative new giving products. Its first product is "Charityvest," a modern donor-advised-fund-based giving platform.
Vennfi partners with "Charityvest, Inc.", a 501(c)(3) public charity and DAF-sponsoring organization, to power its donor-advised funds. Charityvest, Inc. is an independent public charity, governed by its own independent charitable board. The two organizations share rights for the brand "Charityvest."
This innovative for-profit / nonprofit partnership enables modern technology to be seamlessly integrated with an efficient tax-deductible giving vehicle, empowering greater giving.
An overview of the relationship between the two organizations.