Community Fund Fees

We keep fees and expenses minimal, so your fund can make a greater impact.

Our goal at Charityvest is to catalyze purposeful giving. We believe minimal, simple fees make it possible for Community Funds to build trust and thrive.

There are two main options for fees on Community Funds: allow optional gifts to Charityvest, or a quarterly 1% fee on grant transactions.

Allow optional gifts to Charityvest

This is our tip-based pricing model, where all donors will be asked to make an additional contribution to Charityvest during the checkout process.

We recommend this option for fund managers that prioritize minimal overhead, as the default donation amount is 0%. It is entirely up to the donor if they wish to support our work.

Quarterly 1% fee on grants

This is our percentage-based pricing model, where, on a quarterly basis, we will assess a fee of 1% of the total value of grants made to charity, which will be deducted from your fund balance.

We recommend this option for fund managers who prefer to communicate a consistent fee structure to their supporters, and wish to avoid the "ask" at the end of the donation process for donors.

These fee structures are subject to change, though we will communicate any changes with transparency and integrity.

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