Fund Managers

The role of fund managers and how to invite them to a Community Fund.

Fund managers are administrators of Community Funds. If you create a fund, you are automatically assigned the role of fund manager. You can invite additional fund managers if preferred.

Role of fund managers

The role of a fund manager is to lead administrative activities on a Community Fund, by editing the fund content, determining the appropriate fund settings, downloading reports, and making grants to charities in alignment with the fund's guiding principles.

We believe fund managers will ensure their funds are set up for success with:

  1. Fearless Leadership: You’ve been invited to lead this fund because your collaborators believe in the power of your voice to build a community of support around this mission. Sharing your story can help build trust.

  2. Seed Funding: We encourage your team to establish a seed base of support before you go public with this fund, as it will increase the likelihood that others will join your cause. To learn more about the research behind this signaling methodology.

  3. Defining Goals: We recommend that you define your fund’s financial/impact goals and regularly communicate what success looks like to your supporters.

  4. Grantmaking Process: Trust is built on transparent funding decisions. As a fund manager, you will have the flexibility to make grantmaking decisions, but by explaining your process, you will increase your credibility with your supporters.

Fund manager access

Fund managers can take the following actions:

  • Edit their Community Fund settings and design.

  • Invite/remove other fund managers.

  • Issue Grants from their Community Fund.

  • Export the list of Community Fund supporters and transaction history.

Inviting additional fund managers

If you intend to share the role of fund administration with others, you can invite them to participate as a fund manager from the Community Fund overview page.

From the fund manager module, you can add any email address, and the new fund manager will receive an email invite. They do not need a Charityvest account to be invited, but will be prompted to create one once they accept the invitation.

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