Add your bank or card as a primary account.

Bank Account

It's simple and free to donate cash to your Charityvest fund from a linked bank account. To link a bank account, click Contribute on your dashboard, and your contribution will be immediately reflected in your fund balance. Contributions made before 5:00 p.m. Eastern will clear into your Charityvest balance on the following business day, making them available for grants and investing.

We limit customers to $25,000 in linked bank account contributions per week. This limit resets every Sunday. If you would like to extend your limit to $100,000 per week, you can provide basic personal information in-app to verify your account. For contributions greater than $100,000 per week, please contact our support team by Intercom chat or via email:

We charge nothing to process contributions from your linked bank account. To learn how to link a bank account in Charityvest, click here.

Debit / Credit Cards

Using your credit or debit card to make contributions to Charityvest is convenient, secure, and instant (it may also earn you some valuable rewards points!).

Successful contributions made via credit and debit card post instantly to your Charityvest balance, and are immediately available for grants.

Processing fees

We partner with Stripe to accept a wide variety of credit and debit card brands, both U.S. and international. Stripe offers Charityvest reduced fees on our credit and debit card processing:

  • 2.2% and $0.30 on all U.S. cards, except American Express

  • 3.5% and $0.00 on U.S. American Express cards

  • 3.2% and $0.30 on international cards

However, processing fees are unfortunately an unavoidable part of contributing with cards. To handle this, we add the unavoidable credit card fees on top of your contribution. When making a contribution to your Charityvest account using a card, you'll be asked to enter the amount you'd like to contribute to your fund. This is the amount that will be available for giving after the transaction.

Based on the card type you choose, Charityvest will calculate the fee to be charged by Stripe, and determine a total amount that will be charged to your card. This amount will be greater than the amount available for giving.

The full value of the amount charged to your card (i.e., amount available for giving, plus processing fee) is considered a tax-deductible gift to Charityvest. We keep track of this for your taxes.

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