Charity FAQs

I represent a nonprofit. How can I register to receive donations through Charityvest?

Great news: it's very likely that your organization is already available for giving on Charityvest! Our database mirrors publicly-available IRS data, so we can allow our donors to grant to over 1.4 million organizations instantly.

You do not need to register to receive gifts through Charityvest, and we don't currently support nonprofit admin accounts. As we receive donations for your organization, we will batch and send them via USPS First Class Mail to your IRS-registered address, every 14 days.

Along with our check, you will receive a list of all donations, including relevant information about each donor.

We charge no fees for our service. Your organization will receive 100% of the donations granted through Charityvest.

If your organization is a place of worship, but you have not applied for and received a 501(c)3 determination letter from the IRS, you may request enrollment in the Charityvest database here.

I represent a nonprofit, and my address is incorrect on Charityvest. How can I update my address?

We obtain information directly from the IRS on a monthly basis. If your address is incorrect, we recommend contacting IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Customer Account Services at (877) 829-5500 to update your address. You will need to provide the information requested on Form 8822-B over the phone.

Your new address will be automatically reflected on Charityvest after the IRS updates their publicly-available files, which happens around the first week of each month.

You can also contact us via support chat and request an address change. We'll verify the address you provide and update your organization's address in your database.

You can also use our friends at Stable’s Change of Business Address service to inform the IRS, State, USPS, banks, payroll providers, and other vendors that your business address has changed. They walk you through compliantly updating your business address and generate any paperwork you may need to file.

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