The future of tax-smart asset donations.

Our fastest-growing non-cash category, cryptocurrency donations, offer many of the benefits of long-term publicly traded stock giving, but with the speed and certainty of the blockchain.

To donate an accepted crypto asset via Charityvest:

  • Log in to your Charityvest account or sign up.

  • From your Dashboard, select Contribute to Fund.

  • Select Donate Cryptocurrency.

  • Search and select the crypto asset you would like to contribute. Your unique Charityvest wallet address will be generated and displayed. You can save this address for future use.

    • Note: You must use destination / memo tags for EOS, XLM and ATOM as displayed

  • We will automatically liquidate the position and post the transaction to your Charityvest account.

  • Donations made directly to a Charityvest Wallet are subject to Charityvest's Coinbase Pro fees at the time of liquidation (0.18% as of November 2021).

Can't find the crypto asset you're looking to gift?

  • To contribute ALGO or XTZ, you need to contact us via Intercom chat or as we only have a single omnibus wallet address available for these assets.

  • Charityvest does not accept crypto where Coinbase Pro does not actively make a market available, even if Coinbase supports wallets for that asset (ex. XRP)

Want to send off-chain?

For Coinbase users, you're welcome to send on Coinbase (off-chain). If you plan to do so, please contact us at to inform us of the transfer, and include your Charityvest email in the memo line of the transfer. Any off-chain transaction will be manually liquidated within one business day of receipt, and the proceeds will be reflected in your Charityvest account within 3-5 business days.

Crypto net proceeds not a match for our estimate of tax-deductible value? For any crypto donation, your net proceeds may be higher or lower than our estimate of tax-deductible value. This is a result of both Coinbase fees, as well as market movement between the time of your donation and when we liquidate the position.

Tax-deductible value of cryptocurrency gifts

For cryptocurrency, we furnish the mid-market price of the asset on the exchange received at the time the exchange considers the transaction successfully confirmed on the blockchain.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility as the taxpayer to accurately represent and claim a tax deduction on your income taxes; all information provided by Charityvest is for convenience only. Please seek advice from tax counsel.

For more detail, please check out the appreciated asset section of the Tax Matters page in this Guide.

Regulations are changing. IRS requires an appraisal to be sought for gifts of cryptocurrency in excess of $5,000. While Charityvest anticipates that this requirement will be remedied in the near future, we advise all donors to consult their tax counsel prior to making a gift of cryptocurrency. Charityvest will continue to furnish Forms 8283 and 8282 for all gifts of cryptocurrency, as required.

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