For Financial Advisors

Notes for how advisors can utilize Charityvest, now and in the future.
Charityvest celebrates donors working with their financial advisor to establish and operate their donor-advised funds. It's an important partnership that often leads to donors giving more and more wisely.
Our team is eager to empower financial advisors with the ability to have access to client Charityvest accounts and be provided with aggregated data across their client base in due course. Unfortunately, this is in the future, and not yet a part of our product experience.
Today, we work alongside financial advisors to help set up DAFs for their clients based on their referrals, and we work with them to facilitate client asset donations. We commonly receive the feedback that our asset donation experience, lower fees, and the ability to leverage a DAF for workplace giving applications (for business owners) are reasons why financial advisors enjoy having their clients work with us.
If you have any questions, or if you are a financial advisor and you'd like to explore how Charityvest can help your client base, please reach out to [email protected].