Our Trust & Security Posture

Information security

At Charityvest, it is our top priority to keep stakeholder data secure. Access our trust center if you want to learn more in depth about our security measures.

Vendor security

Charityvest has attempted to select best-in-class financial partners and vendors. We hold our vendors to a high standard of quality and reputation.

Combating financial fraud & abuse

Every contribution to Charityvest, Inc. - whether cash, card, crypto, or securities - is facilitated by a US-based, US-regulated participant in their respective part of the financial system. Our partners ensure required reporting under KYC / AML, Travel Rule, PATRIOT Act, OFAC / SDN sanctions lists, and similar programs.

Additionally, Charityvest can only be used to distribute funds to eligible US-based 501(c)(3) public charities via a limited number of disbursement modalities. As a result, our platform's fraud resistance is enhanced simply due to effort: it requires some meaningful work to abuse.

Protections against cyber crime

All assets are fully legally owned and controlled by Charityvest, Inc, which maintains customary insurance against potential losses from crime or cyber threats.

Separation of venture risk and charitable assets

Charityvest is powered by Vennfi, Inc., a for-profit mission-oriented software company. Vennfi's financial performance does not pose a risk to Charityvest donor assets, as Vennfi is a fully-separate entity.

Charityvest donors are free to recommend a grant to a different DAF sponsor at any time, provided that sponsor is eligible for a grant per IRS guidelines.

No FDIC or SIPC insurance

Donor-advised fund balances are held with Alpaca Securities LLC. As of July 2023, cash balances, including those of Community Funds, are held in cash by Alpaca Securities LLC at BMO Harris Bank.

Still have questions? Contact us via live chat or at support@charityvest.org.

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