Community Fund Design

Add visual and written context to tell your fund's story.
Community Funds are yours to explore! We invite you to add images and information to your fund to set the tone and clarify your mission to your supporters. These details can be edited at any time.

Fund Name

Your fund name should be distinct and direct, especially if you intend to share it publicly. It has an 80 character limit. Examples of possible fund names include:
  • [Your Workplace] Employee Fund
  • [Your Family Name] Family Giving Fund
  • The [City, Country, Region] Opportunity Fund


Your fund's purpose is a tagline description of your fund. This is a great way clarify any defining characteristics that your supporters should bear in mind when donating. There is a 160 character limit.


You have the option to add keywords to your fund, which will be useful if you wish to reach donors in the Charityvest community that are looking to discover new community funds to support.
You have the option to add a logo to your fund. There is a 250 KB size limit, with a maximum pixel ratio of 400x200.


The About section of your fund has two components:
  1. 1.
    Feature Image: Add an image that reflects the vision of your fund. It will be displayed as the thumbnail of your shareable link, and must have an aspect ratio of 16:9, with a 1000 KB size limit.
  2. 2.
    Rich Text Description: Add descriptor text to tell the story behind the fund, and it's grantmaking philosophy. There is a 2500 character limit.


You can opt to add links to external sources of information related to your fund, including websites, documents, videos, and more.


You can add frequently asked questions, and pre-populated answers as needed. Here are some examples of fund FAQs you could include:
  • What causes do you support?
  • Why should I trust this fund?
  • Will I get a tax receipt for this donation?
With these components of your fund defined, you are setting your Community Fund up for success!