Open an Account

Just a few simple steps to open a donor-advised fund with Charityvest.
You'll need to create an account to get started with Charityvest. When you're finished, you'll have your very own donor-advised fund at Charityvest.
Creating an account is simple, completely free, and requires just a few simple pieces of information.
Visit our sign-up page to get started:
Options for account creation
First, you'll choose the type of account you want to open:
  • Individuals and families will want to select "I am an individual donor" to open a personal account.
  • Employees of workplace giving programs will choose "I am an employee of a registered organization."
  • Companies and other legal entities that wish to open an organizational donor-advised fund, or launch matching programs with Charityvest for Workplaces, will choose "I am an admin of an organization." The legal company name you provide will be considered the donor-advisor of the DAF.
Nonprofits aren't currently able to register for an account on Charityvest, as we send grants automatically to the nonprofits' official address on a regular basis. Learn more
Next, you'll provide us with your first and last name, email address, and a password. We'll send an email to the address you provide us with a confirmation code. Please copy and paste the code from the email you receive so we can verify your email address.
Signup screen
Upon confirmation, you'll set up two-factor authentication (2FA) which is required if you plan on linking a funding source like a bank or credit card to your account. You can choose "Do this later" if you'd like to handle this when you link a funding source to your account.
For 2FA, you can choose to use text message verification, where we'll send a 6-digit code to your phone for new logins, or authenticator app / TOTP verification, where you can use applications like Authy, Google Authenticator, 1Password, or others to generate a one-time code.
Whichever method you select, you'll be asked to confirm the 6-digit code received or generated before you can enable two-factor authentication.
Success screen! You've opened a donor-advised fund with Charityvest.
Once you've completed these steps, you will have successfully opened a donor-advised fund with Charityvest. You're now able to make tax-deductible contributions of cash and assets to your fund, invest your balance for charitable growth, view all your giving on a single annual tax receipt, and give to over 1.4 million charities from one place with zero transaction fees.
Welcome! You're ready to start giving with purpose.
From your dashboard, you can give your donor-advised fund a personalized title that reflects the names of family members participating in the fund, the charitable intent or aim of the fund, or after someone or something that has meaning in your life.
A fresh Charityvest dashboard: a blank canvas for all the great giving you'll do.
On the right-hand side of the dashboard, you'll see a few account setup steps to link a bank or card, make a contribution to your fund, and recommend your first grant to charity. The best next step is to make a contribution.
You can also set a yearly giving goal to make a commitment to giving for the calendar year, and set up recurring contributions and grants to and from your Charityvest fund.
The link at the bottom will let you share the Charityvest experience with others by sending them a Gift Card of charitable funds direct to their email address. Like you, they can join Charityvest to use the funds in making a gift to charity and catalyze their own intentional giving journey.