Community Fund Settings

Configure your fund settings, update them at any time.

Before your Community Fund is created, you will need to set your preferences around privacy, fees, etc. These settings can be updated at any time.


There are currently two main options for privacy on Community Funds.

  • Unlisted: An unlisted webpage that can be selectively shared with a link. We recommend unlisted funds for closed communities.

  • Public: A searchable, public webpage that any Charityvest account holder will be able to see and contribute to. We recommend public funds for fund managers looking for external support.


There are two main options for fees on Community Funds. Learn more about Community Fund fees here.

  • Allow optional gifts to Charityvest: a tip-based model, where donors will be asked to make an additional contribution to Charityvest during the checkout process. The default donation amount is 0%.

  • Quarterly 1% fee on grants: on a quarterly basis, we will assess a fee of 1% of the grants value, which will be deducted from your fund balance.

Accept contributions

You can switch on/off the ability for people to donate to your fund.

Require supporters to remain anonymous

If, for any reason, you need all supporters of your fund to remain anonymous, you can opt to exclude any identifiable information about supporters from all donations.

Fund statistics

You can switch on/off the fund statistics displayed on the overview page, which include total all-time contributions, total granted, and total number of supporters.

Giving levels

On the Supporters tab, if you have public supporters, you can sort them by contribution amount, or by manually created categories. You may wish to do so if you have distinct tiers of recognition.

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