International Grantmaking

Grant to any vetted international charity, in partnership with TrustBridge Global.

If you want to support a charity that operates outside of the U.S., there are several ways that Charityvest can help:

  • If the charity has a U.S.-based entity or fiscal sponsor, you can recommend a grant from Charityvest to that organization and designate your gift for the international branch.

  • If the charity does not have a tax-deductible U.S. donation process, Charityvest has partnered with TrustBridge Global to facilitate international grantmaking for a fee.

Why TrustBridge Global

TrustBridge is a foundation with collaborative relationships around the world, enabling them to professionally manage and deploy your charitable giving internationally. With TrustBridge, you can feel confident knowing that your gift will be delivered safely and efficiently.

Here's why Charityvest believes in TrustBridge Global to support our community's international grantmaking:

Giving internationally, simplified.

It can be incredibly complex to make tax-deductible gifts to charities based outside the U.S. Often, the process involves high costs and compliance requirements to ensure the legitimacy of charitable recipients. TrustBridge Global Foundation is on a mission to make this process simple for donors, with minimal paperwork and no hoops to jump through.

Leveraged global network.

TrustBridge Global Foundation is a Swiss charity that is also a global financial network. This extensive infrastructure allows them to accelerate the flow of funds to any global NGO.

Industry-leading low fees.

With competitively low costs, an international grant will cost 150 Swiss francs for an annual charity certification + 1% fee (minimum: 300 Swiss francs).

How to make an international grant with TrustBridge

If you want to send a grant from your Charityvest account, follow these three steps:

  1. Contact us at to request to make an international grant. We'll connect you with one of the team members at TrustBridge Global, who guides your chosen charity through an application process.

  2. The charity sends a completed application to TrustBridge along with a CHF 150 assessment fee. Your charity now has the ability to receive grants from you and anyone else in the world.

  3. Once the application is complete, you’ll recommend a grant from your Charityvest account to TrustBridge with instructions on which charity you’d like to send funds.

TrustBridge handles the rest, ensuring your charity safely receives the grant in their local bank account.

Still have questions about this process? Contact us via Intercom chat or email at

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