How We Make Money

How we serve donors with no-or-low-fee giving experiences and keep the lights on.

The Charityvest venture makes money in three ways:

  1. Admin fees. The main way Charityvest creates revenue is by charging an administrative fee for assets in its investment accounts, like other donor-advised funds. The difference is, we offer a modern experience, while being more affordable, thanks to technology.

  2. Workplace giving programs. We operate workplace giving programs for companies and charge a software-as-service fee to them for this service.

  3. Community Funds. Our Community Funds collaborative giving tool is a paid offering, either via an optional tip prompt for donors to Community Funds, or a quarterly fee based on total grant value.

Some donors have asked if we can really create an attractive business with our model and fee levels. The key to our business lies in our technology, which creates significant efficiencies relative to other DAFs. We don't have the considerable costs that other DAFs do. Thus, we can be more competitive on fees.

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