Invite Friends, Invest Free

Our referral program lets you give 3 months of free investing to as many friends as you want. You'll also get 3 months of free investing when your friends join.

Our referral program

We believe in the power of community as a catalyst to generosity.

For each friend you invite to activate Investing with Charityvest, you will both receive 3 months of complimentary Investing.

As soon as your friend creates a Charityvest account, activates investing, and completes a contribution to their Charityvest fund, you'll both receive 90 days of zero-fee access to investments.


Any existing Charityvest account holder is welcome to use our referral program.

You may refer as many friends as you want. The benefit begins on the day your friend completes the qualifying activities.

You'll only receive free investing for yourself for a maximum of 12 months (i.e., 4 successful referrals).

Already enjoying no-fee investing via previous promotions? Rewards will become active when previously earned rewards have completed. Only one reward can be active at a time. Please contact us at or via our Intercom chat with any questions.

How to invite friends

  1. Access your referral link here:

  2. Send it to as many friends as you'd like 👯

  3. Visit your Investing Dashboard to confirm that investing is activated on your profile for when you receive your reward!

Then, your friend(s) must:

  1. Sign up for their own Charityvest account using the referral link you shared.

  2. Make a contribution to their Charityvest fund.

  3. Activate investing on their own account.

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