Community Fund Policies

We appreciate your acknowledgment of our Community Fund-specific policies.

Charityvest, Inc. for legal purposes, is considered a 501(c)3 and donor-advised fund sponsoring organization. We must comply with IRS regulations, which may limit some types of giving.

When setting up your Community Fund, you will need to agree to the following terms:


Though Community Funds are inherently flexible, here are some cases where a fund is not the best fit:

  • Grantmaking to individuals: Charityvest can support grantmaking to the 1.4 million+ eligible 501(c)3, U.S. based public charities. We are not able to facilitate grantmaking to individuals or non-registered organizations.

  • Single-charity fundraisers: Community Funds were built on the basis of giving to multiple organizations, and our infrastructure is designed to support this. We hope to offer more solutions in the future, but we currently do not recommend Community Funds for this purpose.

  • Potential for private benefits: Community Funds are subject to our Disallowed Grants policy, in alignment with IRS restrictions. Supporters and fund managers cannot receive any private benefit as a result of grants made through their Community Fund.

For more information, please read Charityvest, Inc. Community Fund Policies & Guidelines.

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