Donate to a Community Fund

How to donate to a Community Fund, with or without a Charityvest account.
To promote a Community Fund, copy the link or share via social media!
Anyone that has the link to a Community Fund can make a donation, provided the fund is switched on to Accept contributions.
It is possible to donate as a Charityvest user or as a guest.

Charityvest user donations

Donations to a Community Fund are seamless for a Charityvest account holder. The donation checkout flow is similar to the charity grantmaking experience, made via a linked account or existing balance. This transaction will be reflected in the donor's Activity history.
Here's how Community Fund donations from Charityvest accounts differ from grants to charity:
  • Donations to Community Funds are instant and not reversible.
  • There is no option to designate donations to Community Funds.

Guest donations

Guest donations are possible via credit card or debit card. There are two main ways a guest can make a donation on Charityvest:
  • One-time: Guest donors can enter their credit card information and submit their gift instantly. A tax receipt will be emailed at the time of donation.
  • Recurring: If a guest wishes to make a recurring gift to a Community Fund, they will need to agree to create a Charityvest account to complete the donation checkout process. This allows the donor to manage their recurring gift should they need to make any changes in the future. By claiming their Charityvest account, donors will be able to view, edit, or cancel their recurring gift. They will receive a Welcome email immediately following their donation checkout to complete their account registration.
You can donate stock and cryptocurrency by creating a free CV account. We plan to make this process even more frictionless by allowing these types of donations directly in the the guest donation flow.