Send a Gift Card

Gift charitable money instantly.

Share the gift of generosity with virtual Charityvest gift cards. ๐ŸŽ

You can use our Charityvest gift card feature to:

  • Seed charitable giving accounts for kids, employees, or others you influence. Influence lives with generosity by enabling others to give away your donated money on your behalf.

  • Send employees, friends, and colleagues a simple appreciation gift. Share a gift card to let someone know you appreciate and support them on holidays, birthdays, milestones, and anniversaries.

  • Appreciate clients, and prospects without violating gift acceptance policies. Thereโ€™s no monetary value with directing money to a charity within Charityvest, so it doesn't violate gift acceptance policies at any dollar amount.

Looking to transfer charitable money between Charityvest accounts? You can also use the Charityvest gift card feature as a simple way to send funds between Charityvest accounts.

How to send a Charityvest gift card

  1. Choose "Send a virtual gift card" in the bottom-left corner of your Dashboard.

  2. Complete the Charityvest gift card submission form with the email addresses of the recipients, optional personal message, and amount you'd like to send per recipient.

  3. Send your gifts. ๐Ÿ’Œ After you review and confirm the details, weโ€™ll share your personal note and gift instructions in an email to your recipients.

Does your gift recipient have a Charityvest account?

Existing Charityvest users will have the funds deposited in their account automatically, while new Charityvest users will be provided with a link in the email to create an account and accept the gift.

Unclaimed Charityvest gift cards

We'll remind users to accept the gift if they haven't done so after seven days.

If your gift is not accepted within 10 days, we will return the funds to your account. You can share them again with the same recipient or use them in a different way.

If you'd have any questions about sending Charityvest gift cards, please reach out via chat or at

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