Stocks & ETFs
Tax-smart asset donations, made simple.
Tax-smart donors know that donating long-term appreciated stocks and ETFs can result in larger deductions on their income taxes, and more money going to charities. Donors are generally able to deduct the full fair market value of the donated asset, avoid capital gains taxes, and use the full liquidated value for charitable giving.
Donating stocks and ETFs to your Charityvest fund is simple:
  • Get your account number: by visiting your Dashboard, selecting Contribute, and selecting Donate Stocks and ETFs. We'll provide you with a unique brokerage account to send shares to. This is your private stock contribution account at Charityvest; please don't share it with others.
  • Make a transfer from your broker: Use your brokerage's process to initiate your contribution, or share the information with your financial advisor. You choose which shares and tax lots to send. We never have access to your brokerage account.
  • We receive and sell automatically: As soon as we receive the shares from your broker, we'll sell the shares and assign the value to your Charityvest account within one business day, providing you with a detailed tax receipt. We intend to automate this process in the future to get the funds in your account even sooner.
Stock and ETF donations trade commission-free. A clearing broker fee of up to $5 may be charged per security donated.
Donating mutual funds? Mutual funds are transferred via a different securities transfer system (ACATS), which requires that they not change ownership. Because donations change ownership, mutual funds cannot be donated to Charityvest. Transfers that include mutual funds will be rejected by our clearing broker.
We hope to release a solution to support mutual fund donations in 2022.
Donating employee stock? Like purchased stocks & ETFs, vested RSAs, RSUs, and stock received from NSOs should be held for at least one year from grant (or exercise for NSOs) to ensure long-term basis tax treatment. Consult a tax advisor for more information.

Tax-deductible value of stock & ETF gifts

Charityvest provides you with an estimate of the tax-deductible value of your stock and ETF donations at the time your gift is posted to your account.
For stocks and ETFs, we use the IRS recommended method and use the simple average price of the publicly-traded security on the day we received it. Specifically, we take the day's low price and the day's high price, and we average them.
Ultimately, it is your responsibility as the taxpayer to accurately represent and claim a tax deduction on your income taxes; all information provided by Charityvest is for convenience only. Please seek advice from tax counsel.
For more detail, please check out the appreciated asset section of the Tax Matters page in this Guide.