Getting Started

A walkthrough of everything you need to establish and use a donor-advised fund with Charityvest.

We created Charityvest to unlock more charitable people: to help you give, and give more.

Our simple, modern DAF platform lets everyone enjoy tax-smart, purposeful giving through a world-class experience. A few simple steps will get you started on your Charityvest giving journey:

  1. Create an Account Create a Charityvest fund in a matter of minutes using our simple setup process requiring minimal personal information.

  2. Make a Contribution Once your account is open, you'll have several options to make your first contribution to your account, including linking your bank or credit card, transferring funds from an existing DAF, or making a contribution of non-cash assets.

  3. Activate Investing If appropriate for your charitable plans, activate investing on your account. We'll invest your Charityvest fund in the portfolio you select and rebalance it automatically.

  4. Grant to Charity Where the rubber meets the road. Make good on your commitments with thoughtful gifts to the charities you most care about, that can do the most good in the world, and are most worthy of your support. We'll send your gifts twice a month, with zero fees, directly to the charities.

You can also learn more about Scheduling Future Giving, Sending Charitable Gift Cards, and adding beneficiary charities and people to your account to Leave a Giving Legacy.

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