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We are here to help make intentional giving simple and accessible.

This guide aims to provide you with everything you could ever want to know about Charityvest, our platform, our venture, and DAFs in general.

Part of our desire is to make DAFs simpler and more transparent. This guide is one step to do that.

Please reach out if you have any questions along your giving journey.

Overview of Charityvest

Charityvest is a mission-driven venture focused on increasing generosity.

We endeavor to make smart philanthropy easier and enable everyone to give:

  • ✨With more purpose. Carry out personal giving commitments, like giving a regular % of income.

  • 💵With maximum tax advantages. Especially giving assets like stock and crypto.

  • 🧾With easier admin. All your giving in one account, on one tax receipt.

  • 💪With higher impact. Make better decisions about what you fund. Get a tax-deduction now, so you can send bigger checks to charities when there's an impact opportunity.

  • 📈With growth. Invest money while it's in your Charityvest account to send more to charity over time.

  • 👍Without big fees. No fees to send money to charity. Lowest investment fees in the industry.

We do this through technology-enabled personal giving accounts called, Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs). Our world-class DAFs are easier to use and offer lower fees than any that have existed before.

Why use a DAF for your charitable giving

DAFs are tax-deductible financial accounts for charitable giving. They allow you to more intentionally manage your giving like you manage other aspects of your financial life. Think of them as a checking account or HSA but for your giving.

You can donate cash or assets into a DAF, receive a full tax-deduction for your donations, grow the money while it's in the account (tax-free), and then, whenever you're ready, send it to any tax-deductible organization (nonprofit or place of worship).

Historically, DAFs have been limited in their reach, partly because of the personnel needed to administrate them. We built custom software to automate and improve DAF operations for the Charityvest brand. We want to put a DAF in everyone's financial toolkit to help them give freely.

What makes us different than other DAFs

  1. 💻Simplicity through technology. DAFs backed by modern technology make it easy to give freely and easily to charity.

  2. ⚡️World-class experience, accessible to anyone. DAFs are out of reach for most people—either because of fees and minimums or how complex they are in their design. Charityvest enables anyone to understand and use a donor-advised fund for free.

  3. 🎯Orientation on impact. Our #1 aim is to unlock impact in the lives of donors. We believe that the more we can catalyze giving and increase your social impact, the more we will be rewarded with your trust as a platform.

  4. 🤝A community experience. Existing DAFs are transactional and don't provide anything close to the generosity and sophistication you are aiming for with your giving. We continually support the needs of your giving.


Others believe in the altruistic, generous future we want to catalyze. Charityvest is backed by leading venture investors including Y Combinator, Teamworthy Ventures, and Sovereign's Capital.

Charityvest Inc. is a Georgia Nonprofit Corporation headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and federally tax-exempt under IRS revenue code section 501(c)(3) EIN 81-2771871. All donations to Charityvest or Charityvest DAFs are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Charityvest software is powered by Vennfi, Inc., which is a venture-backed technology company focused on creating the future of giving technology, starting with donor-advised funds.

We'd love for you to join us

We invite you to join the Charityvest community of givers.

Create an account with us, or send us a chat with questions or feedback, using the chat icon a the bottom-right of the screen.

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