About Community Funds

Learn more about Charityvest's newest feature, Community Funds.

At Charityvest, we're on a mission to catalyze generosity. We've built a modern donor-advised fund platform, and now, we're expanding our focus to include tools that support collective giving. We believe in the power of community to amplify generosity, so we are introducing Community Funds to enable people to give together, better.

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What is a Community Fund?

A community fund is a collective giving tool to enable any set of donors to pool charitable capital for greater impact via a custom-branded webpage.

Managed by a fund manager, each fund supports public charities through a range of use cases, including:

  • Expert grantmakers. Leverage your expertise and amplify your impact with a fund to invite clients and DAF users to back your grantmaking leadership.

  • Donor collaboratives. Pool money with other strategic donors to make amplify impact under a different brand or collaborate on grantmaking decision-making.

  • Influencers. Mobilize your audience for good with a custom-branded public giving fund.

  • Workplaces. Bring your values to life and inspire your team to give together in a fund for a particular cause.

  • Groups of friends. Invite friends to come together around giving without the admin hassle or awkwardness. Can be as private or public as you like.

  • Memorials & weddings. Honor and celebrate loved ones at key milestones with a charitable fund others can contribute to and you can grant out to specific charities.

Experience the power of collective giving with full financial transparency.

Product Features

Community Funds will include a host of features, including:

  • Branded webpage: A private or public, shareable webpage to collect donations and make grants to charity.

    • Overview: homepage where you can add information about your fund, link to resources, answer questions, display fund managers, highlight fund statistics, and invite others to participate.

    • Charities: breakdown of all charities you have granted to from your fund.

    • Supporters: list of all donors who choose to disclose their information, with customizable giving levels.

    • Activity: comprehensive and transparent ledger of all donations made to and grants made from the fund.

  • Guest checkout: option for donors to make their donations via their Charityvest account or as a guest.

  • Complex asset donations: support for stock, crypto, and other complex asset donations.

  • Tax receipts: Automated tax receipting for any donation made to the fund, either via a donor's Charityvest account or guest email.

  • Electronic grant disbursement: Grants to charity will be disbursed via PayPal every two weeks if the charity is enrolled, otherwise via check.

Here is a brief product demo for reference:

Why should I start a Community Fund?

A Community Fund is a fantastic way to mobilize your community with a tax-deductible fund to seamlessly pool charitable capital and make grants to public charities.

We believe Community Funds benefit all stakeholders:

  • Donors: With a platform of strategic giving funds, donors can give more, purposefully.

  • Charities: With community leaders directing funds to their missions, charities can focus more of their time on their important work, and less on fundraising.

  • Communities: With a tangible way to translate their values to impact, communities will thrive.

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