Receiving Grants

Details on how we seamlessly deliver millions of dollars in grants to charities, every single month.

We send your organization funds granted from Charityvest automatically. There's nothing you need to do.

We disburse payments to charities daily via PayPal and weekly via check, including associated donor information (unless donors have chosen to remain anonymous).

PayPal grant information can be found here:

Checks will have consolidated donor information at the bottom of the check.

We support 1.4 million IRS-compliant charities, so we likely have your organization if you are in good standing with the IRS.

There's a chance we do not have you if you are a place of worship since some places of worship are not included in the known organization database at the IRS. We have a simple due diligence process to get your place of worship added to our database. Please complete this form or reach out to if you do not believe we have your organization.

Digital Grants

Whenever possible, Charityvest delivers grants via Grant Payments with PayPal. Grant Payments is new way for grantmakers to send grants digitally to charities, launched by PayPal in 2022.

Grant Payments with PayPal offers quick, secure digital delivery of grants directly to eligible charities. Charities still receive 100% of the grant amount from donors, without additional fees.

US charities need to confirm their charity account with PayPal to be eligible to receive grants via PayPal. All PayPal-confirmed charities can receive grants via PayPal from partner grantmakers, including Charityvest.

For more answers to Frequently Asked Questions relating to digital grants, please visit What are Grant Payments? in the PayPal Help Center.

Learn more about how to sign up here:

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a PayPal confirmed charity here:

Review the official PayPal Charity Onboarding Guide below.

Grant Checks

For charities that are not enrolled in PayPal Grant Payments or have opted out, we send a paper check to the preferred payment address for the organization. For most organizations, that is the official address from the IRS database. Some organizations have updated their address with us.

We send disbursements to charities once per week.

Each check contains data on individual donor transactions, personal information, and any designations donors specified with their grants.

We provide the maximum amount of donor data to you, subject to donor preferences. Donors choose how much data to release to you. The default option is full name and email address.

The only event in which we don't send donor data is when the donor chooses to remain anonymous.

Your Organization Can Benefit from Sending Donors to Charityvest

Charities can benefit from encouraging their donors to use Charityvest in various ways.

  • Giving assets. We make donating appreciated assets (like stock and crypto) easy for donors, and it requires no work or cost from charities. You just receive cash in two weeks or less after donors grant the value of their asset donation out of Charityvest to you.

  • Avoiding fees. We charge no transaction fees on giving. For large gifts and recurring gifts, this can add up.

  • Reducing admin work of receipting. We receipt donors on your behalf. You don't have to! You can focus on just saying "thank you."

  • Receiving data. We send you reliable donor data subject to donor preferences.

Why Charityvest Wants to Give Your Donors World-Class Treatment

We hope your donors will enjoy their Charityvest experience and choose to continue to use a donor-advised fund for their giving beyond their transaction with you.

We believe the intentional generosity fostered by DAFs, through pledges, recurring commitments, and asset donations will enable donors to give you more money over time.

We'd love to be your partners in growing your donations from your existing donors.

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