Send a Charity Gift

Share charitable money with a friend or colleague instantly via email, or transfer money between existing Charityvest accounts.
In addition to investing and making grants to charity, you can use your Charityvest balance to send digital gift cards to friends and colleagues instantly via email, or transfer balances between Charityvest funds.
You can use our Charity Gift feature to:
  • Add balances to Charityvest funds for your children, family, and friends.
  • Transfer charitable money between Charityvest accounts (e.g., for a giving circle).
  • Express thanks to someone in an altruistic way.
To send one or more gifts, choose "Send a gift" in the bottom-right corner of your dashboard. Enter the amount you'd like to send, share an optional personal message, and provide the email addresses of the recipients.
Screenshot of the Charityvest Gift Card sending page
After reviewing and confirming the details, we’ll share your personal note and the details of the gift in an email to your recipients.
Recipients who already have a Charityvest account associated with their email address will receive it immediately. New Charityvest users will be provided with a link in the email to create an account and accept the gift. We'll remind users to accept the gift if they haven't done so after seven days.
If your gift is not accepted within 10 days, we will return the funds to your account. You can share them again with the same recipient or use them in a different way.