Stock Donation Details
Learn how to send shares to Charityvest from any brokerage, including yours.
Donating mutual funds?
Mutual funds are transferred via a different securities transfer system (ACATS), which requires that they not change ownership. Because donations change ownership, mutual funds cannot be donated to Charityvest. Transfers that include mutual funds will be rejected by our clearing broker.
We hope to release a solution to support mutual fund donations in 2022.
You can donate stocks and ETFs to Charityvest directly from your brokerage. Once your brokerage sends shares to us, we will liquidate and post the contribution to your Charityvest fund.
Use the Contents on the right side of this page or click the links below to find specific instructions for your broker:

Any broker/advisor

If you're not looking for brokerage-specific directions, or you can't find your brokerage on this list, you can still donate stocks and ETFs to Charityvest using our standard process:
  • Get your account number: by visiting your Dashboard, selecting Contribute, and selecting Donate Stocks and ETFs. We'll provide you with a unique brokerage account to send shares to. This is your private stock contribution account at Charityvest; please don't share it with others.
  • Reach out to customer service at your advisor/brokerage and tell them you would like to make a charitable transfer of stock. Instruct your brokerage or advisor which shares to send to Charityvest, and provide your unique Charityvest account information as the receiving account. You may be required to complete a form, or confirm your transfer, to finalize the activity at your broker. You choose which shares and tax lots to send. We never have access to your brokerage account.
  • We receive and sell automatically: As soon as we receive the shares from your broker, we'll sell the shares and assign the value to your Charityvest account within one business day, providing you with a detailed tax receipt. We intend to automate this process in the future to get the funds in your account even sooner.



Are you a Schwab Equity Award Center Client?
Choose Transfer Shares in the Equity Award Center to move your shares into a linked Schwab Brokerage account, then complete the Schwab steps as described above.
For urgent transfer requests from EAC to Schwab Brokerage, call: 1-800-654-2593

Chase / J.P. Morgan

TD Ameritrade


Merrill Edge


  • Sign in to your Vanguard account to initiate your transfer.
    • Select "Brokerage Firm" as Receiving Firm Type

Morgan Stanley StockPlan

  • Call Morgan Stanley StockPlan Connect and provide them with your transfer information.
  • Google/Alphabet employees: 866-466-4785
  • Amazon employees: 801-617-7471

UBS OneSource

    • Choose Transactions -> Transact Shares.
    • Choose the shares you wish to transfer to Charityvest.
    • Enter Charityvest's account information.
    • Transfer the shares.

Interactive Brokers

Ally Invest

Still have questions or wish to see your brokerage listed? Contact us: [email protected]