Additional Services & Programs

Charitable Funds Disbursement

Enable client-deductible giving to over 1.4 million charities directly into your product experience.
Several fintechs use Charityvest to facilitate tax-deductible gifts from their users/customers into an organizational donor-advised fund from which the fintech recommends grants to charities their users/customers wish to support.
By leveraging Charityvest's existing full-stack legal structure as a nationally-registered 501(c)(3) donor-advised fund sponsoring organization, fintechs can provide their users/customers with instant tax-deductibility to every eligible U.S. charity.
To enable this setup, we charge a flat annual platform access and support fee, plus a fee per grant sent. You must support direct payment transfers from your users/customers (e.g., Stripe Connect with Standard / Direct Charges) in order to leverage this special use case.
Contact us via Intercom chat for more information on this capability.

Stock Donations for Other DAFs

If you're a large nonprofit that receives a high volume of publicly-traded stock, our partner Vennfi can assist in automating your stock acceptance and clearing process.
Charityvest leverages technology from Vennfi to automatically receive, liquidate, post, and receipt donors for gifts of publicly-traded stock.
Donor-advised funds, community foundations, and major gift officers of large institutions can leverage Vennfi's Stock Donation Clearing technology to reduce operational stress, ensure error-free gift processing, and delight donors with a modern, branded or white-labeled giving experience.
Vennfi's Stock Donation Clearing offering supports U.S. equities, ETFs, and fixed income securities from all DTCC participating brokerages.
To learn more, please contact us via Intercom.

Founder's Circle (launching 2022)

A program specifically to help startup founders leverage their entrepreneurial orientation to a life story of impact.